CEMA: BioHeat Fuel

Meet the BioHeat Guy

The Insight

Warming up to a new way of staying warm. Connecticut residents are largely unaware of the new, cleaner burning, more energy-efficient fuel available in the state, Bioheat. In order to spread the word, the Connecticut Energy Marketing Association (CEMA) needed a well-crafted public education campaign to break through and inform residents with oil-heated homes about this more energy-efficient, sustainable home heating alternative that is already in their tank! We created an expertly humorous spokesman, Bioheat Guy, to share his in-depth knowledge about Bioheat in digital videos. In those videos, Bioheat Guy travels around Connecticut, talking with people about Bioheat’s benefits through simple, easy-to-explain themes. Later, we developed a suite of videos for social and digital built around the fictional quiz show, “Know Your Efficiency!”, that featured Bioheat Guy as an energy-efficient knowledge-dropping contestant. All digital marketing drove to bioheatnow.com, a website we developed and continue to update and maintain.

The Channels

  • Digital
  • Social
  • TV
  • Vault
5 Million Views, 57% Increase In Website Visits, 27% Increase In Video Completions