We Go Beyond the Call

The Insight

Founder Jim Decker wrote the tagline "We Go Beyond the Call" in the 80s for SNET as they introduced Connecticut to some new tech that you might've heard about by now: the internet and cell phones. SNET even had plans to install fiber cable (iSNET) to every town in CT by 2007. Imagine that. The tagline also reminded Connecticut customers of the responsive, local service SNET was famous for, as well as something huge competitors such as AT&T and Sprint could not match. Decker went on to produce many campaigns under the tagline for over 10 years. In the late 90's SNET went through the first of many acquisitions and mergers as it was bought by SBC. It was briefly AT&T, and now you know the entity as Frontier Communications. The sprawling fiber network SNET envisioned never happened, but these spots from our iconic campaigns live on forever in the heads and hearts of anybody that grew up in Connecticut.

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