Annual Enrollment

The Insight

The best opportunity for growth in the Medicare health insurance space is acquiring people who are signing up for Medicare for the first time—whether they’re turning 65 or working past 65 and retiring. This is no secret to ConnectiCare’s competition, including large national insurers. We crafted a push-pull, go-to-market strategy, focusing the spend on top performing tactics—paid search and direct mail. For direct mail, we used a three-step process to: 1. Size market opportunities using research and predictive modeling, 2. Identify target segments, and 3. Develop messaging and cadence that would generate the best response rates. Understanding Medicare is challenging, so our messaging focused on educating prospects to ease their confusion and anxiety, and positioning ConnectiCare as their trusted advisor. All tactics were optimized to drive phone calls, giving ConnectiCare the best opportunity to convert leads to sales.

The Channels

  • DM
  • Print
  • Vault
15% Increase in Direct Mail Responses,
122% Increase in Call Volume vs. Prior Year